Hi there!
My name is Zosia, pronounced Zos-ha and I would like to share a little bit   more about me.  

If I were sat with you now we would be having this chat over a cup of tea in a beautiful hotel café as I have a very soft spot for hotels and afternoon tea!
I was born and raised in London to Greek-Polish parents and although I grew up wanting to be a fashion designer, I have always had a passion for photography, particularly grainy black and white images.  As a teen I was extremely proud of my fashion magazine collection and soon after graduating I moved to Italy to work as a designer for an Italian heritage brand based in a little oldie-world Italian town called Reggio Emilia.

It was living and working here that my love of all things luxurious and handcrafted grew. I got to work with the finest fabrics and leathers, and created beautiful pieces of clothing that would last for years to come. I worked with the most amazing little old ladies who would hand knit small swatches of knitwear or bead little pieces of fabric for my latest collection.

When I left that little Italian town, I went out to work in the big wide world of commercial fashion, first moving back to London for a few years and then Hong Kong for almost a decade. 

Despite the amazing places I got to live, travel and work, I felt like a small part of me had withered and died as it   made me sad to not   be creating truly beautiful heritage pieces that you could keep forever.

So when I had the chance to move to Singapore    and then  Paris, I decided to leave the world of fashion and pursue my passion for photography, capturing and beautiful images that would last a lifetime and beyond. 
Today I shoot with film,   it slows me down and  helps me live in the moment, while I consider every frame. I love it's artisan effect and the way film flatters skin tones, makes colours pop and creates  pastel tones.  Black and white film lends images a feeling of old Hollywood glamour which is perfect for weddings.

Most of all I love to make people happy. I love to collaborate with my couples and make their dreams come true and keep their happy memories alive.

Today you can find me living in London   with   my partner and our  2   small   children   and our   2   well traveled kitty cats Lottie and Milo.

 I would love hear from you and all about your dreams and plans so lets meet for tea!


I have been a full time wedding photographer for the past 7 years and during that time I have had the honour of having my work featured by both wedding blogs and magazines such as Brides,   You and Your Wedding,   Magnolia Rouge,   Style Me Pretty,     Love my Dress,   Wedding Sparrow,   So Dazzling,     Simply Peachy   and   many more.

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